Hindsight: Autumn 2019

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The Hindsight collection started life accidentally in 2018. Over the last couple of years before I absent-mindedly returned to an idea of a character that I used to sketch out years ago. I recently found the original image it was all based on and was quite surprised at how substantially it had evolved in my head; so far so that my memory of it had altered so drastically over time.

I’d been doing some rough sketches, and then one night found myself unable to sleep. I got up, grabbed my sketchbook and pen and at three in the morning started going with the flow and put down my feelings in a very raw and open way, without paying too much mind to what was going down onto paper, only that it was appearing and developing as I go. Over time it led to a documentation of events across a partial of 2018.

After all twelve were sketched out it felt like the right time to digitise the series to clean them up. This took place between December of 2018 through to September 2019. Drawing by hand gives the images a more human edge with some really organic flow, but lacked the precision that I wanted. Using vector imaging and various layers and masking processes allowed the stark black/white consistency to appear. Had I designed these straight onto the computer then they would have equally lacked any human touch. The whole process leads to the perfect mix of the two.

The collection debuted at Dubrek Studios in combination with a free gig and saw friends from seven different counties come down for a very enjoyable evening of Prosecco and good music! This is the original document that introduced the evening.

All twelve of the images are available as framed and mounted A2 works, as well as A4 and A5 prints. You can buy these on my Etsy Shop here, although if you would like to order more than one then do get in touch via email to outsiderartprints@gmail.com and I can set up a private payment link (or bank transfer) to bring the postage down (or eliminate it completely in the case of local delivery).

Custom sizes and layouts can also be printed to order, so feel free to enquire if you have specific sizes or frames already in mind, again via email at outsiderartprints@gmail.com

Clicking on the name to the side of an image will take you to the relevant Etsy listing.

20180913 – Hoarding

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